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Kentucky wrongly jails innocent man for nine years; can the commonwealth be trusted with the death penalty?

Another person was wrongly convicted in Kentucky.

Yesterday Edwin Chandler became the ninth innocent person since 2000 helped by the Kentucky Innocence Project to have a conviction set aside in the state “when Jefferson Circuit Judge Fred Cowan vacated the manslaughter and robbery charges against Chandler after prosecutors and police announced they had convicted the wrong man” the Louisville Courier-Journal reports.

Chandler’s vindication is another example of how unreliable the justice system can be, even when it tries hard to be fair.

You can watch Judge Cowan apologize to Chandler for the justice system’s mistake and Chandler’s comments here:

According to The Courier-Journal:

“When Steve Schroering prosecuted Chandler in 1995, he said he had no doubt that the right man went to prison.

“It was never a case I had second thoughts about until this morning” when Commonwealth’s Attorney Dave Stengel called to tell him the conviction was being set aside.

Jurors in Chandler’s trial never heard from an eye witness–who’d left his contact information with the police–who said the wrong man was in custody.

In addition to the nine individuals wrongly convicted in Kentucky who were helped by the Kentucky Innocence Project, Larry Osborne was released from death row in 2002 after a jury in a second trial found him not guilty .

The high risk of making mistakes is reason enough to end the use of the death penalty in Kentucky.

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