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Letters to Courier-Journal: Kentucky’s death penalty is broken, costly, unnecessary, and bad for victims’ families

Friday’s Louisville Courier-Journal contained two more letters to the editor about the death penalty. Terence Cozad Taylor pointed out how useless the death penalty is:

Ralph Dunlop’s very valuable article about the death penalty last Sunday took thousands of words to deliver a simple, four-word message about use of the death penalty in Kentucky: It makes nothing happen. This article shows that we don’t need moral arguments to prove that we should end the death penalty in the commonwealth. A simple examination of the facts about how the death penalty is used, its costs to taxpayers and its ultimate futility, remind us that we need to find appropriate, non-lethal ways of dealing with those who commit capital crimes.

And Carl Wedekind, a member of KCADP’s board of directors, questioned why the Kentucky Senate never followed up on an unanimous vote in the House of Representatives to study the death penalty:

As reported in The Courier-Journal article on the death penalty, the Kentucky House of Representatives voted 97-0 in 2002 to study problems with the death penalty and then the bill died in the Senate Judiciary committee. What’s wrong with the Senate? Aren’t we entitled to some answers about a system that keeps people on Death Row for over 20 years and causes a family member of two murder victims to say the system has just about killed her? Let’s have an investigation and decide what to do with the death penalty.

Today’s edition of the Courier-Journal contained a letter from Brian Halter of Princeton, Ky., noting just how broken Kentucky’s death penalty system is:

After such a fine article on the death penalty in Kentucky in last Sunday’s paper, why was the execution of John Allen Muhammad (the D.C.-area sniper) mentioned in Wednesday’s paper without saying how he was put to death? Also, how can they do in seven years what Kentucky can’t do in 29?

Write a letter to your local newspaper and let it know your opposition to the death penalty.

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