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Jobs and programs in attorney general’s office would benefit from savings realized by abolishing death penalty

Attorney_General_Jack_ConwayAccording to WLKY:

Attorney General Jack Conway [right] is warning that additional state budget cuts could lead to more job losses in his office. Conway told a legislative subcommittee on Monday that employment in his office had fallen to about 200 employees, down from 250.

Budget Director Mary Lassiter sent a letter to state agencies on Friday, telling them to brace for additional 6 percent budget cuts as a result of a $161 million revenue shortfall.

Conway said the impacts of the cuts would be widespread, potentially forcing the discontinuation of grants to local prosecutors to help pay the wages of advocates who work with crime victims.

Kentucky spends $8 million annually on a death penalty system that doesn’t deter crime and doesn’t execute anyone.

Yet the state is choosing to support it at the expense of state jobs and helping crime victims.

How does this decision help Kentucky?

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