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Murder victim’s brother on the death penalty: ‘Violence begets more violence’

Ben Griffith’s brother Chris was murdered in 1986. His killer was executed in 1997. Griffith, who lives in Frankfort, Ky., is a member of Murder Victims’ Families for Reconciliation and KCADP’s board of directors.

This letter of his appeared in yesterday’s Louisville Courier-Journal:

Thank you for your opinion to abandon the death penalty and for R.G. Dunlop’s article on the problems with it.

There is yet another problem with the death penalty. Some murder victim family members remain morally opposed to the state killing in our names. There is no justice available that will bring back our loved ones, and we witness that violence begets more violence and we have the power to end this debasing spiral by the miracle of forgiveness. Even to those surviving family members who want an eye for an eye, it would be much kinder and swifter closure to our nightmare by sentencing a heinous murderer to life without parole.

Griffith also discussed his personal experience with the death penalty and oppsition to capital punishment in this testimonial for KCADP’s YouTube channel:

KCADP is seeking additional testimonials. If you are willing to take the witness stand against the death penalty, contact and our videographer will be in touch.

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