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Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway requested three death warrants this morning

Jack Conway, Kentucky’s attorney general, asked the governor to set three execution dates today

Kentucky Attorney General and U.S. Senate candidate Jack Conway asked Gov. Steve Beshear to set execution dates for three men today.

Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway asked Gov. Steve Beshear to set execution dates for three men today.

Kentucky Attorney General Jack Conway requested three death warrants this morning. The figure would double the number of citizens the commonwealth has executed since the death penalty was re-established in 1976.

Conway’s request to Gov. Steve Beshear to set execution dates for three death row inmates comes just two weeks after the Louisville Courier-Journal ran a series of articles and editorials about the ineffectiveness of Kentucky’s death row system.

[Update: Conway’s request also comes on the same day that the American Bar Association announced it’s conducting an assessment of Kentucky’s broken death penalty system and on the same day that 14 prominent Kentucky attorneys petitioned Gov. Beshear to halt executions.]

According to the Louisville Courier-Journal, “Conway said in a statement that Ralph Baze Jr., Robert Foley and Gregory Wilson have exhausted all of their ‘matter of right’ appeals in state and federal courts.”

Let Gov. Steve Beshear and General Jack Conway know your opinion!

KCADP urges citizens concerned about the commonwealth of Kentucky killing in their name to contact Conway:

Gov. Steve Beshear’s office
Online: Contact form
Phone: 502-564-2611
Address: Gov. Steve Beshear, 700 Capitol Ave., Suite 100, Frankfort, KY 40601
Twitter: @GovSteveBeshear

Attorney General Jack Conway’s office
Phone: 502-696-5300
Address: Ofice of the Attorney General, 700 Capital Ave., Suite 118, Frankfort, KY 40601
Twitter: @kyoag

The death penalty solves nothing

While KCADP has no doubt about the horror of the crimes these men were convicted of, the death penalty is not the solution:

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7 Responses

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  1. Evelyn Weaver says

    I have mixed emotions about the idea of what you all are wanting to do, but heres what I think. ; the Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away….but on the other hand, if someone murdered one of my children, I would be the 1st to say, excute them Now! along with baby-rapers, they are the main ones who don’t deserve to live, in my book. and rapeing old ladies, also. They had no mercy in their doings….why show mercy to them? Another therory, which may seem amuseing to you is, since these people love to kill so much, I say send them to where the war is and force them to fight, that way United States can send our boys/girls home to us. They don’t mind killing, so let them do something valueable. There’s alot of moms greiving TODAY! because of murderers and I think filling the prisons up with them is very stupid. All they going to do is either get out and kill again, or live there in prison till they die. And I know some prisons are just a home away from home. They live better in those places than they do out on the street. I know, cause go look inside of some of them, they have everything they need to live comfortably, clean bed linens, snacks, work out equipment, 3 meals a day, tvs, radios, what more could you ask for? Prison is not a hardship place anymore. There’s some who go there every winter to get out of the cold even, just ask some of them!I know this probably will not get published, but you ask for comments and I got so much I would love to say about all this.

  2. Pat says

    Thanks Evelyn. But how about thinking this way? People are lining up to get into prison and people are always begging to get out. So if prison is so good why would you not want to go live there? And one great reason to show mercy is because you don’t want to be like the killer you describe who did not show mercy. Or do you? I recommend you go to and look at some of the videos, especially those by people who had family members murdered. They are asking that the killer not be killed. So some feel quite differently than you do. Again, thanks for thinking and for writing. Hope you see it our way someday.

  3. Pat says

    Correction to sentence in comment above: “People are NOT lining up to get into prison.” Sorry for that slip up Evelyn.

  4. Michael Stuart says

    I worked at KY State Penitentiary, the ones on death row have no remorse for what they have done, only that they got caught..As for an execution costing more than life imprisonment, that is rediculous, when i went through corrections academy, the cost estimate for keeping an inmate on death row was over $30,000 per year..It is no justice to the families of the victims to allowm a death row inmate to sit on death row and get fat at taxpayers expense for 20 to 30 years..

  5. admin says


    The costs of keeping an inmate on death row are just some of the expenses. Because of the irrevocable nature of the punishment, people sentenced to death are entitled to more appeals than those sentenced to life in jail without parole. For more info, check out these articles on CNN, The Economist, and The New York Times.

    Killing a murderer doesn’t provide any more justice to the family members of murder victims than life in prison without parole. If anything, the additional appeals that sentence entitles increases their suffering as it means more court dates. Many victim’s family members in fact oppose the death penalty: KCADP has board members who’ve had loved ones murdered and Murder Victims’ Families for Reconciliation is a group of such people.

  6. Andrew G says

    Killing a murderer doesn’t provide any more justice to the family members or murder victims? I beg to differ on this discussion. How many times have other inmates in prison been murdered by these ruthless animals? Then, there is the possibility of escape. There are countless examples of both of these pssibilities. Look at Charles Thompson, a Texas death row inmate. He escaped a facility by just presenting a fake ID and walking out. Imagine what could have happened if police had not captured him almost immediately.
    In the 20th century, many people were wrongfully accused and sentenced to death. Because of this, a lot of legislation has been passed to avoid this, along with advancement in forensic science. If someone has committed ruthless acts of murder, they should not be left in a community where they can possibly take away more sons, daughters, mothers, fathers, etc. If someone murdered a close relative or friend of mine, I wouldn’t want there to even be a possibility of that individual hurting others. Why even let them sit on death row for decades? Take them out back and hang them like in the old days.
    Look at Kentucky death row inmate Robert Foley. He ruthlessly took the lives of 5 individuals! For someone to kill one person outside of self-defense for a certain motive (money, jealousy, pleasure, etc), it shows they have no regard to human life. If they committ more than 1, they are clearly sociopaths who will easily kill again, if provoked. People like Robert Foley simply put, are not worth the tax dollars it takes to house and feed them. Being a tax payer, a worker in the CJ system, and a law abiding citizen, I am appalled at how many people out there oppose the death penalty. The American justice system has clearly gotten too soft.

  7. Dina says

    I don’t think there is a price for human life, so the cost to imprison somebody is not the problem. The problem is in the rehabilitation process of a person, prison is not the answer. The death penalty is not the answer either due to the fact a lot of innocent people are being executed. One solution is put them on a deserted island and let them fend for themselves.

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