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KCADP chair: Prosecutors chose ‘to put victims’ family members through 20 years of hell’

Tom Joseph of the Public News Service interviewed KCADP’s chair, Pat Delahanty, for this article, “Anti Death Penalty Group Speaks Out on Lethal Injection Ruling“:

Rev. Pat Delahanty, chair of the Kentucky Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty, says the decision comes just days after attorney general Jack Conway requested execution dates be set for three condemned inmates, while the case was still being considered by the Supreme Court.

“There are many aspects of the death penalty system in Kentucky that don’t work well and this is just another example of an area where that’s true.”

Delahanty disagrees with the opinion of one dissenting judge, who said the state Supreme Court decision gives the guilty more time to live and the families of the victims more time to suffer.

“The people who selected to prosecute for a death sentence knew ahead of time of the safeguards that are in place, and they chose to put victims’ family members through 20 years of hell.”

Read the entire article at the Public News Service’s website.

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