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State government won’t appeal Kentucky Supreme Court ruling that delays executions

From the Lexington Herald-Leader‘s “Ky. won’t appeal ruling that delays executions“:

Kentucky executions are on hold after the state said Friday it won’t appeal a ruling that found it failed to follow proper administrative procedures when it adopted its lethal injection method.

The state must hold public hearings on the injection method before it can resume executions…

Kentucky Justice and Public Safety Cabinet spokeswoman Jennifer Brislin told The Associated Press on Friday that the state will file paperwork later this month to start the public hearing process.

Brislin said the state would have faced a lengthy appeals process in court if it had tried to fight the court ruling. Brislin was unsure how long readopting the protocol might take.

“We want there to be a full and open discussion about it,” Brislin said.

Also, KCADP’s chair, Pat Delahanty, was quoted in the article:

“It is the first time the public will have a chance to look at this thing,” Delahanty said.

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