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Five Kentucky lawmakers ask Gov. Beshear not to sign death warrants until ABA review is finalized

Rep. Jim Wayne (D-35)

Rep. Jim Wayne (D-Louisville)

Last week five members of the Kentucky legislature–Democrats and Republicans–asked Gov. Steve Beshear to refrain from signing any death warrants until after the American Bar Association completes its review of Kentucky’s use of the death penalty.

The representatives are

Please thank these five men and women by calling their offices at 800-372-7181 or TTY message line at 800-896-0305.

Despite his regular Tweets about the state’s financial crisis (the death penalty costs much more than life in prison without parole) and that the death penalty does not deter crime and even adds to victims’ family members’ suffering, Gov. Beshear remains in favor of capital punishment–an astounding stance given that 67 percent of Kentuckians prefer long prison sentences to execution for those convicted of aggravated murder.

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