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Conservatives realizing the problems with the death penalty

Conservatives are joining progressives in working together to abolish the death penalty according to’s Criminal Justice blog coverage of NCADP’s 2010 Annual Conference. From “Reform: It’s a Bipartisan Thing“:

The Louisville gathering was the annual conference of the National Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty (NCADP), featuring Republican candidate for governor in Montana, Roy Brown, among others. Echoing arguments by NCADP, Brown made it clear that his opposition to capital punishment is, in fact, firmly rooted in his conservative perspective. In particular, his views that the death penalty is a). unjustifiably expensive and b). that “life is precious from the womb to a natural death” are two cornerstones of an effort to woo conservatives into adopting what many see as an inherently conservative position — that is, that governments shouldn’t be in the executions business.

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