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Kentucky’s execution protocol needs more transparency

Tabitha Wooldridge

Tabitha Wooldridge

Tabitha Wooldridge, a student at Northern Kentucky University’s Chase College of Law who interned with KCADP this summer, had this letter on Kentucky’s execution protocol published in the Louisville Courier-Journal:

The word “vague” in relation to Kentucky’s lethal injection process seems to be the understatement of the decade. After taking a person (that could be innocent as we recently have seen in Texas) through a process that takes more than a decade in most cases to complete, after which some inmates beg to be killed, you would think the part of the process where the state would want to be transparent would be in the actual process by which they systematically and coldly take a life. Whatever your beliefs on capital punishment you cannot deny that innocent people die at the hand of states all around this great nation and become collateral damage just so we can kill the guilty. Accountability is not too much to ask!

Read about how you can tell Kentucky’s Department of Corrections what you think about its lethal injection and electrocution protocols.

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