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Kentucky Department of Corrections responds to public comments about lethal injection and electrocution protocols

The deadline for letting the Kentucky Department of Corrections know what you think about its lethal injection protocol is Feb. 1.

The Kentucky Department of Corrections released its response to public comments about the commonwealth's lethal injection and electrocution protocols yesterday.

The Kentucky Coalition to Abolish the Death Penalty received the Kentucky Department of Corrections’ response to comments regarding its lethal injection and electrocution protocols (.pdf) on Feb. 15, 2010 and is reviewing it in detail. Titled “Statement of Consideration Relating to 501 KAR 16:001, 16:290, 16:300, 16:310, 16:320, 16:330 and 16:340 Amended After Comments,” this document is dense and complex, and needs to be carefully studied before we can offer substantive comment.

A quick review, however, reveals important changes in the protocol related to the treatment of women who face execution and in visitation procedures during the final days and hours of a person’s life. Further study is needed to see if other important changes were made concerning issues raised at the public hearing.

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  1. Charlie Wilton says

    Where/how were these published? As with announcement concerning the hearings themselves, neither the DOC not the Justice Cabinet has put any of this information on their websites. Clearly they aren’t proud of what they are doing.

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