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Catholic Conference in Kentucky (CCK) calls for an end to capital punishment in Kentucky

The Feb. 4 edition of The Record, the Archdiocese of Louisville’s publication, details the Catholic Conference in Kentucky’s testimony against the death penalty at the Kentucky Department of Corrections’s public hearing about its execution protocols:

The Catholic Conference in Kentucky (CCK) called for an end to capital punishment in Kentucky at a hearing last week on how executions are carried out in the state.

Noting that New Jersey and New Mexico have abolished the death penalty in recent years, Robert Castagna, CCK executive director, said states “increasingly are withdrawing from the practice of capital punishment.” Kentucky’s Catholic bishops have urged that Kentucky do the same and that the governor commute the sentences to those on death row to life in prison without parole, he said…

The proposed administrative regulations being considered “take us in the opposite direction from the national trends” of abolishing capital punishment, placing moratoriums on executions and conducting cost studies of the death penalty, Castagna said.

He asked the state cabinet to withdraw the proposed rules on executions pending an American Bar Association study of the death-penalty system in Kentucky and a review of that study’s report.

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