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Families of murder victims speak out against the death penalty

Despite what you might hear in the media and from some politicians, many family members of murder victims oppose the death penalty (KCADP has several such people on its board of directors). Highlights from testimonials in the Dallas Morning News’s Death Penalty Blog’s in “Victims families speak out against the death penalty” include

  • “The system didn’t seem fair to me.”–Robert Curley, whose 10-year-old son Jeffrey was kidnapped and murdered in 1997
  • “If we truly cared about victims, we would put all our knowledge and resources into saving them. Crime prevention, not retaliation, should be our number one goal.”–Renny Cushing, whose father was shot to death in front of his wife 22 years ago

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  1. Kathy Brown says

    I heard both Robert and Renny speak at the World Congress in Geneva and was extremely moved. There is no more compelling story – especially when we abolitionists get stuck into conversations with our friends who remain ‘on the fence’ – than the retelling of victims’ families’ healing and reconciliation experiences. I have the utmost admiration for the members of MVFHR, Journey of Hope and the other organisations who give families a chance to be heard to say ‘Stop the killing here. Executions are not carried out in our name’. Thanks guys!

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