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New testimonial to abolish the death penalty: ‘I am a Christian’

Chase Parker is a student at Georgetown College in Georgetown, Ky. He opposes the use of the death penalty for many reasons, but his primary reason is because he is a Christian. He takes seriously the admonition of Christ to love one’s enemies.

KCADP is seeking additional testimonials. If you are willing to take the witness stand against the death penalty, contact and our videographer will be in touch.

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  1. Terry says

    Hi,I am a student of law in Europe(Ireland) and am never ceased to be amazed at the difference between sentencing policy in Europe and in the U.S.
    Ours seems too soft-yours seems too draconian..
    In Ireland we have concurrent sentencing rather than concurrent so the incentive here is to really do the dog on your crime because you will only serve the sentence for the longest one which, if it is say 10 years, you will get 25% remission for good behaviour anyway(regardless of your behaviour!)

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