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Ky. Regional Poison Control Director: Sedative to be used in execution not guaranteed to work

In a televised interview with WHAS11, the Kentucky Regional Poison Control Center’s Medical Director, George Bosse, could not guarantee that the state’s last dose of the sedative sodium thiopental, which has an expiration date of Oct. 1, will be effective when it’s used in Gregory Wilson’s scheduled execution on Sept. 16.

It should last until the expiration date and what happens after that is somewhat controversial and there is some concern it could lose its effectiveness and there is concern that it could cause toxicity which is less likely but the bigger concern is it could be less effective, says Bosse.

“It should last until the expiration date…”

“It could lose its effectiveness…”

“It could cause toxicity…”

That’s the best the poison control center’s medical director could say about a sedative that the state’s about to give a person it’s putting to death–just one more example of how broken Kentucky’s death penalty system is.

Hear Bosse’s quote for yourself (at 0:27 remaining in the video), as well as KCADP’s Director of Advocacy, Education and Outreach, Don Vish thoughts on the possibility of a botched execution:

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