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Clock ticking on Gregory Wilson’s execution: Case background

Gov. Steve Beshear signed a death warrant on August 25 scheduling the execution of Gregory L. Wilson by lethal injection at the Eddyville State Penitentiary on September 16th. The precise time is not set forth but 6 p.m. is the usual time for executions.

Wilson is one of three death row inmates whose death warrants were awaiting the governor’s signature.

The governor signed only one of those three warrants though because Kentucky does not have enough of the sleep drug on hand to execute more than one person. (Executions use three chemicals: first a sleep drug, then a paralyzing drug, and finally a drug that stops the heart). Nor does it have enough of the paralytic agent to execute more than one person. Furthermore, the sleep drug expires on October 1, 2010, just a few days after it is slated to be used to execute Wilson. There is a national shortage of the sleep drug and it is expected to be available in the first quarter of 2011. The paralytic drug will be here by the end of the year.

Wilson was convicted in 1988 in Kenton Circuit Court of the murder and kidnapping of Deborah Pooley. His female accomplice, who testified against him at trial, got a life sentence and is eligible for parole after 25 years. This female accomplice also had a long standing sexual relationship with a circuit judge in the same court and their sexual relationship continued during Wilson’s trial.

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  1. shannon says

    oh poor gregory you left out in the “case background” that he also raped, robbed, and dumped deborah’s lifeless body out in a field to rot away and to become food for magets for days before she was ever decovered!!! Also leaving out the fact that during his trail he had enough nerve to be wearing the golden cross necklace that debroha was wearing as he raped then choked the life out of her, he stole the necklace from her dead corpes!!!! another comment made by gregory that will just break your heart and make you feel so sorry for HIM, when questioned about the rape in court his quote was “aw, the white bitch loved it.” now try to imagine debroha mother and father hearing such words! whoever is against this monsters death is just as evil as he is and may you burn in hell with him!!! praises to the Gov. for allowing deborah and her family have closure!!!

    • admin says


      KCADP has been upfront about our enduring sorrow for Deborah Pooley’s death. And none of the content on this site should give anyone the impression “oh poor Gregory.”

      While I haven’t read any of the details you described in recent press accounts of the case, I can’t imagine it does a victim’s loved ones to have to such graphic details repeated online.

      As for closure, there’s a growing body of research that shows the death penalty does not provide it to the murder victim’s loved ones:
      Salon: The ‘closure’ myth
      The Washington Post: Does Killing Really Give Closure?

      KCADP, in fact, has board members who are family members of murder victims.

      Finally, we don’t wish ill on those who disagree with us and are saddened that you feel the need to condemn us to “burn in hell.” Such sentiments, underscore that the death penalty is more about revenge than justice.

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