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Conservatives, Tea Party supporters express opposition to the death penalty

From The Richmond Times-Dispatch‘s “Viguerie and Bozell: Support Is Waning for Death Penalty“:

We lifelong conservatives and Tea Party supporters recently urged the death sentence for Teresa Lewis in Virginia be commuted to life in prison without parole instead.We are among a growing number of conservatives who have questions and reservations about the death penalty, believe it is no longer a necessary form of punishment based on either Lockean or biblical principles, or oppose it outright.

Around the country death sentences are dropping, and support for the death penalty is waning. This trend is not limited to bleeding-heart liberals and criminal coddlers.

We urge our fellow conservatives to at least consider some issues when contemplating the death penalty.

Read the rest of by Richard A. Viguerie and L. Brent Bozell III’s article at “Viguerie and Bozell: Support Is Waning for Death Penalty.”

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