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What is the status of the Gregory Wilson case?

Here's an update on the case of Gregory Wilson.

Here's an update on the case of Gregory Wilson.

The death warrant authorizing Gregory Wilson’s execution expired at midnight Sept. 16, 2010. According to representations made by the Department of Corrections to the Franklin Circuit Court, a key ingredient in the lethal injection mix will not be available until the first quarter of 2011. As a result, there is no current date for Wilson’s execution and the state lacks the means to execute until the first quarter of 2011.

There are also legal issues pending about the Wilson case:

1. The Kentucky Supreme Court is reviewing a decision by the Kenton Circuit Court denying Wilson’s request for DNA testing and a determination of whether he is exempt from execution due to mental retardation. If the Supreme Court grants Wilson’s request, an evidentiary hearing will be scheduled in Kenton Circuit Court. It is highly improbable that the governor would seek to execute Wilson before a hearing was concluded and it is highly probable that he would be enjoined if he did.

2.  The Kentucky Supreme Court is also reviewing a case from Franklin Circuit Court involving the new execution procedures written by the Kentucky Department of Corrections pursuant to a November 2009 order of the Kentucky Supreme Court. Wilson intervened in the case and the trial judge enjoined the state from executing Wilson while the court was reviewing the legal adequacy of the new execution procedures.   In the course of enjoining the Wilson execution, the trial judge expressed official interest in (i) the lack of procedures to test for mental retardation prior to execution and (ii) possible legal flaws in Wilson’s trial where he was given no choice but to represent himself most of the time. Judge Phillip Shepherd has established an expedited briefing schedule on these matters, which concludes on Oct. 25.

The Kentucky Supreme Court is currently reviewing legal briefs from the litigants concerning the Franklin Circuit Court case, after which it may rule that the case is moot since there is no current death warrant applicable to Wilson; or, it might affirm the judge’s ruling, the effect of which would be to require the Department of Corrections to supplement its execution procedures to provide for mental retardation testing; or, it might reverse the trial judge’s ruling in effect finding that the judge had no good reason to delay the Wilson execution. In the latter case, Wilson would be scheduled for execution if and when (1) the governor signs a new death warrant and (2) the state receives new supplies of the drugs needed for the lethal injection.

If the Supreme Court finds the case is moot or it agrees with Judge Shepherd, the case would nevertheless be returned to Franklin Circuit Court for such further hearings as the trial judge may require in order to render a final judgment on the legal adequacy of the new execution procedures.

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4 Responses

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  1. Lorita Wadsworth says

    Please, lets turn over a new leaf and stop this barbaric practice of allowing human beings to make someone die. It is up to God and I feel his 23 years of death row is ample and enough punishment. Stop tormenting him with dates of death. He is a christian and was young and only had a spark of life. Like abortion, lets get rid of this punishment. Enough is enough. Everyone needs to forgive and move on. Please, let’s don’t do this inhumane act. Even animals who are euthanized pass instantly. Don’t do this horrendous act. It does not bring anyone back. It would seem that his rehabilitation ove these 23 years of confinement in plenty. A sister, in Christ

  2. Peggy Wright says

    Anyone with the desire to see justice for Wilson would throw out the death penalty, if for no other reason, than the criminal ways his case was handled. a drunken lawyer who appeared in court as such, another lawyer, so inadequate that he did not know how to defend his client, and a judge who had sexual intercourse with the co-defendent while the trial was going on. How would you like that series of situations if it was your own defense? More important is that God alone gives life and he, alone, can determine the time of death. Let’s learn to be a civil society looking for justice, not revenge.

  3. Anthony Jay Goehr says

    Gregory Wilson raped and killed women. there is no excuse for that. he needs to pay with his life and if you don’t believe that then you are as sorry as he his and maybe they should let him out so he can rape and kill you or your family. this man killed my aunt Peggy Goehr. we should turn over a new leaf. lets kill this monster. he don’t deserve a trial or even the right to write a letter or a phone call he deserves to die and he will burn in hell because he has no remorse he is playing the system to let him out so he can come rape u and kill u i hope if they let him out he he rapes and kills the same ones that set him. free

  4. Tara Hemmerle says

    I agree with Anthony. Peggy was my aunt, my fathers sister, although I don’t remember her my mother does and it still bothers her to this day. He destroyed many many people not just the murder victims. I am sure he is going to burn in hell one way or the other so lets just get it over with and save ourselfs the tax dollars we are wasting on this total Waste of life! Anthony I’m trying to get in touch with you! Tara

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