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Overall a pretty good year for Kentucky’s death penalty abolition efforts

A message from Rev. Pat Delahanty, chair of KCADP

A message from Rev. Pat Delahanty, chair of KCADP

Last January, KCADP hosted one of the most successful gatherings of abolitionists in the country, a great way to start the new year. Our membership numbers continued to increase and in several trials for defendants who had committed horrible murders, judges and juries did not impose death sentences. All this points to a dwindling of support for the death penalty.

We had some hope of passing legislation to keep severely mentally ill persons from facing death sentences in our state. With 24 co-sponsors from both parties, the bill seemed poised to be heard in committee. That did not happen during the session, but we did have an excellent hearing on the legislation in August and are now hoping to see some progress on the bill when legislators gather in Frankfort in 2011.

Of course, all this success depends on people like you who are willing to make contact with legislators, speak to others about abolition, volunteer to be one of our video witnesses (more than sixty videos are now available on our YouTube channel), and contribute financially to the work.

The recent attempt to execute Gregory Wilson failed, but we are certain state officials are still trying to secure enough sodium thiopental to crank up the execution chamber again. And Gov. Steve Beshear still has three death warrants on his desk ready for his signature. And he is running for a second term.

In one of our neighboring states, they are coming very close to abolishing the death penalty. A bill in Illinois cleared a committee and is now before the House. When they return in January, we may see some great success there. And their governor will sign an abolition bill. Of course, another neighbor, West Virginia, has lived without the death penalty for many, many years.

All the more reason for us to increase our efforts, expand our membership, press our lawmakers harder to end state killing in Kentucky.

We are drawing near to the end of another tax year and we certainly hope you will consider a generous donation to KCADP so we can continue working hard to abolish the death penalty in Kentucky.

If you are already a contributor we are so grateful for your help. If you have yet to contribute we urge you to do so. In the column on the right you can click on the Donate link and donate online at Paypal. Or send us a check or money order to PO Box 3092
Louisville, KY 40201. We also accept gifts of stock, but to do so please send us an e-mail and we will get back to you about the process. Your financial help is critical to our success. All our Board members are contributors. We urge you to become a donor now.

Another valuable way to help KCADP is to ask five family members or friends to sign up for our eNews and to become members of KCADP. Links in the column on the left make it easy to sign up.

We would also appreciate your help in arranging invitations for members of our speakers bureau to speak to members of your congregation, your club, or to any other group of people to whom you have access. The more we educate the public about the flaws in this broken system the quicker Kentucky lawmakers will do the right thing and end the use of the death penalty in our commonwealth.

Thank you, again, for your support. And from our staff and Board—a very happy holiday season and a New Year filled with peace.

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