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13 states ask U.S Department of Justice for helping killing (Kentucky’s looking for foreign help)

From WFPL’s “Thirteen States Request Lethal Injection Drug“:

Like their counterparts in many states, Kentucky Justice Cabinet officials are having a hard time obtaining a drug needed for lethal injection executions.

The AP reports today that thirteen states have asked the U.S. Justice Department for help getting sodium thiopental. (Kentucky’s supply expired in October.) Those states are: Alabama; Colorado; Delaware; Florida; Idaho; Mississippi; Missouri; Nevada; Oregon; Tennessee; Utah; Washington; and Wyoming.

Arizona, Arkansas, California, Georgia and Tennessee are looking to buy the drug from England. Nebraska purchased sodium thiopental from India.

Glad to see that in a time when most states are facing serious budget crises and having to cut services to citizens, they’re still able to find the money to buy drugs to kill.

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