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Courier-Journal: Kentucky should follow Illinois’s lead, abolish the death penalty

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn

Illinois Governor Pat Quinn

This weekend The Louisville Courier-Journal’s op-ed board expressed its hope that Kentucky’s government would show the same good common sense as Illinois’s and abolish the death penalty:

We were reminded of that case when Illinois Gov. Pat Quinn signed a bill last week to abolish executions in his state. Illinois hadn’t executed anyone since a previous governor ordered a moratorium on the barbaric practice in 2000, after it was found that 13 of Illinois’ death row inmates had been wrongly convicted. But Gov. Quinn’s signature put a period on that sentence, and good riddance.

Gov. Quinn once supported the death penalty, so signing the bill to abolish it was a tough decision that he arrived at after consultation and reflection. Our hope is that sooner rather than later Kentucky’s policymakers will come to embrace the logic of Gov. Quinn’s thoughtful conclusion that “our system of imposing the death penalty is inherently flawed” and that a state should not and, he said, “cannot tolerate the executions of innocent people because such actions strike at the very legitimacy of a government.”

Needless to say, we agree. Read the rest of the article at the Courier-Journal’s website.

Photo: Courtesy of State of Illinois

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