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Week after Steve Nunn gets life, Lexington Herald-Leader op-ed calls for abolition of death penalty

Lexington Herald-LeaderSunday’s Lexington Herald-Leader published “Time to end Kentucky’s death penalty,” by KCADP’s chair Rev. Pat Delahanty, board member Maria Hines, and Rev. Marian McClure Taylor.

Since [reinstating the death penalty in 1976], Kentucky has executed three men, two of whom volunteered to die. Just this year, juries and judges in Kentucky deciding the fate of several defendants, each of whom had murdered multiple victims, imposed sentences less than death. No defendant who murdered a victim and violated a domestic violence order [such as Steve Nunn] has received a death sentence in Kentucky.

We agree with the undeniable conclusion to be drawn from the Death Penalty Information Center report: It is time for lawmakers to put repeal of the death penalty on a faster track.

Read the rest of the article at the Herald-Leader‘s website.

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