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We need your help at the Kentucky State Fair

Kentucky State Fair

County fair, county fair,
Everybody in town’ll be there
So come on, hey we’re goin’ down there

—”County Fair” by Bruce Springsteen (a death penalty abolitionist)

Aug. 18–28, 2011, KCADP will be at the Kentucky State Fair and we need your help manning a booth. In return we will provide volunteers a pass that includes the entry fee and the cost of parking (or if that doesn’t work out we will reimburse them the state fair entry and parking fee in cash).

All you need to do is work for three short hours of the 132 hours our booth is open. Simple, right?

And the rest of the day you can go smell the animals. Or ride the rides, win a stuffed animal. Oh, and did we mention the delicious grilled pork chops, the sweet roasted corn, the great fried fish at Mike Linnig’s, and all the cotton candy you ever wanted?

We’ve created a spreadsheet on which you can select a date and time (or, hint, dates and times) when you can work. Select this link to reach the page where you can choose a time and day to help at your convenience.

If you have problems adding your info the spreadsheet, please email us at

When you click the link to the spreadsheet,  you will see that several board members already have volunteered. Like Gen. Douglas MacArthur, KCADP board members won’t ask the troops to go where we have not already ventured.

Thanks for your help: and the sooner you do this the better. It will help us plan a great state fair event.

Photo: Courtesy Kentucky State Fair

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