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Public News Service reports on Kentucky’s broken, unwanted death penalty system

Pat Delahanty, chair of KCADP

Pat Delahanty

KCADP’s chairperson Pat Delahanty and board member Kate Miller spoke with the Public News Service about Kentucky’s broken and unpopular death penalty. The piece, “KY Death Penalty Abolitionists: Davis Case Signals Time to End It,” aired and was published today.

Listen to the audio here.

Some highlights:

  • “Delahanty says that since 1976, close to 100 people have been placed on Death Row, but most had their sentences reduced because of flaws or violation of constitutional rights, which he says is a clear indication that the system is too mistake-prone. ‘If out of every 100 airplanes that went up, 60 of them crashed, you wouldn’t have people getting on airplanes. They’d find some other way to fly. And so Kentucky really needs to reconsider its use of the death penalty.'”
  • Kate Miller, program associate for the ACLU of Kentucky, agrees that abolishing the death penalty would restore some credibility to the justice system. And public polling, she says, suggests the same.¬† “You know, Kentuckians, we don’t execute that many people. We don’t hand down that many death sentences. We’re spending a lot of money to implement a system that a majority of Kentuckians don’t want.”
  • Miller and Delahanty agree that an alternative sentence of life without parole is a more swift and less costly form of punishment. Delahanty says two bills related to the death penalty will be filed for state lawmaker’s consideration next year. One would exclude people with severe mental illness from death penalty consideration, the other would abolish the death penalty altogether.

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