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KCADP kicks off Full Court Press Campaign to raise $180,000

Pat Delahanty, chair of KCADP

Pat Delahanty, chair of KCADP

The training for pastors, the visits of innocent men and women like Ray Krone to Kentucky, the booth at the State Fair, the work with our General Assembly—all these events and activities do not just happen.

Behind each of them are wonderful volunteers, and behind those volunteers are the two staff persons KCADP employs. Don Vish is full-time and Kaye Gallagher is part-time, only 10 hours a week. We not only need to keep Don working hard, but we need to have enough money to increase the number of hours we can pay Kaye so we can accomplish even more.

To maintain the momentum we have in moving Kentucky closer to abolition we need to be able to pay staff, cover office costs, and continue to develop programs and sponsor events.

This costs money. We just completed a successful three-year campaign, The Next Big Step. That success allowed us to have staff and an office and accomplish much over the past three years. A list of those accomplishments is found here.

So now we have begun the Full Court Press Campaign and we hope everyone will join us in pledging a generous gift to the campaign. Each of our Board members has contributed in the past and plans to contribute now. This cause is important to them and we hope to you.

This past week I made a gift of stock to KCADP worth several thousand dollars and plan to continue to do so for two more years. I know everyone can’t do that, but I wanted you to know I would not ask you to give if I were not already part of the Full Court Press campaign.

I believe each of us wants to do something to help KCADP reach its goal: abolition of the death penalty in Kentucky. Please consider your own financial circumstances and decide on an amount you can pledge: $50 a year; $100 a year; $500 a year, $1,000 a year; or another gift of an amount you can afford. I know it is a cliche, but no gift is too small and all gifts are welcomed.

Click here—Contibute to KCADP—to make a payment or mail us your check or money order to

PO Box 3092
Louisville KY 40201

Those contributing stock should call Kaye at 502-636-1330 for all the details on how to do that.

Click here to learn more about the Full Court Press Campaign.

Thank you for giving this request your thoughtful consideration.

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