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Lexington Herald-Leader joins the chorus of Kentuckians calling for death penalty moratorium

Lexington Herald-LeaderIn the wake of the American Bar Association’s damning assessment of Kentucky’s death penalty, this weekend the Lexington Herald-Leader joined the Louisville Courier-Journal, Owensboro Messenger Inquirer, and the ABA’s assessment team in calling for Kentucky to place a moratorium on executions while it sorts out its broken death penalty. From the Herald-Leader‘s “Place moratorium on Ky. executions“:

The American Bar Association’s study of capital punishment in Kentucky is full of disturbing facts…Even supporters of capital punishment, which includes this editorial page, will come away from this study with serious doubts about the fairness and accuracy of the process that condemned 34 people to Kentucky’s Death Row…

The ABA, which has no position on the death penalty, has undertaken similar assessments in eight other states, and in five of them recommended a moratorium on executions while flaws in the system were addressed.

The ABA’s conclusion that three of the eight states had fair death-penalty systems speaks well of the objectivity of the research and conclusions.

Gov. Steve Beshear should follow the recommendation to suspend executions while the findings are considered and reforms enacted…

A majority of likely Kentucky voters, regardless of where they live or their political party, support a temporary halt to executions.

Kentucky’s death penalty is too broken to fix. It needs to be abolished.

Photo: Courtesy Lexington Herald-Leader

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