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Louisville.comIn the wake of the American Bar Association’s damning assessment of Kentucky’s death penalty,’s Keith Rouda wrote that Kentuckians should resolve to abolish the death penalty in 2012:

The time to end the death penalty in Kentucky has come.

A report released earlier this month on a two year assessment conducted by the American Bar Association [ABA] found that Kentucky’s death penalty system is so broken and unfair that the state should declare a moratorium on executions. A moratorium would be a good start, and if Kentucky voters have any say in the matter, one will be imposed sooner rather than later. A survey conducted right before the report was released showed that strong majorities of likely 2012 Kentucky voters support a death penalty moratorium, and these majorities go across party affiliation, gender, and even geography within the state.

But a moratorium doesn’t go far enough. The time has come to end the death penalty in Kentucky once and for all. (If you agree, sign this petition that will be delivered to Governor Beshear and members of the Kentucky House and Kentucky Senate.)

Disclosure: I’m the editor-in-chief of I did not assign Keith Rouda this article, nor did I make any revisions to the text he submitted. In my capacity as a board member of KCADP and Rouda’s as a coordinator, however, we have discussed collaborating on abolishing the death penalty.

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