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Almost 2,000 people tell Kentucky’s governor and legislators to abolish the death penalty–-here’s what they’re saying

Almost 2,000 people—mostly from Kentucky—have signed this petition to abolish Kentucky’s death penalty. If you haven’t done so yet, please let your legislators know you favor ending Kentucky’s broken, risky, and costly death penalty by signing it now.

Here are some of the comments Kentuckians—from different political parties, religions, family members of murder victims, pro-life and pro-choice, and parts of the state, even some who support the death penalty in theory—have given for why the state can do better than the death penalty:

“Please support HB 145 when it comes to committee and the floor. We must end the death penalty in KY. The death penalty is cruel, ungodly,unchristian and unforgiving.” – John G., Louisville

“I don’t want a wrongly accused person to be killed. I want people to have a chance to repent for what they have done. Why do we kill people, who kill people to show that killing people is wrong? Death Row is expensive I am ProLife!” – Hillary M., Owensboro

“Death penalty cases are very expensive and often faulty.” – Lawrence V., Monticello

“How much money can Ky. save by abolishing the death penalty and following the current sentence guidelines for life without parole?”– John M., Lexington

“I have been on both ends of the murder debate. My sister was murdered in 1969. My father spent the last 18 years of his life as a death row chaplain. If you execute, then you have denied them the chance to repent—in the end you have cheated God and gifted the devil. Please don’t kill in my name!” – Patty S., Dawson Springs

“1) I don’t want an innocent person killed who was wrongly accused 2) The cost of those on death row—appeals, isolation, etc. 3) It doesn’t give a person time to repent 4)There is discrimination in the system.” – Joe W., Owensboro

“My opposition to the death penalty has nothing to do win how bad the crime was. The death penalty makes a killer out of me.” — Laurie S., Crestwood

“Too many people on Death Row have been proven innocent. Kentucky should not kill innocent people.” – Dennis S., Bardstown

“2 reasons; It’s inhuman & the legal system is so imperfect that mistakes are made regularly, that making a mistake and taking a life is totally because of it, is not acceptable.” — Phyllis E., Burlington

“The taking of an innocent life is wrong, but it does not make taking a guilty life any more right.” – Sue L., Newport

“Please end the Death Penalty.” – Alma, Auburn

“This is the only Scriptural response from the New Testament possible.” – Edward H., Henderson

“I know our system of justice doesn’t always get it right and therefore, the death penalty runs the risk of executing innocent people. Please stop this tragedy.” – Michael G., Cold Spring

‘It is better that 100 guilty go free than for one innocent be executed. (Voltaire I think).” – Frank D., Auxier

“The way ky law is allows more protection for the one on trial to go free/Also too many years waiting if get death penalty so may be cheaper to house them without death roll/I imagine it costs more/.” – Wanda L., Elizabethtown

“I would like the death penalty ended in KY. JUst one mistake would be enough and the record as noted in the ABA assessment is appalling.” – Sandra T., Florence

“My father was murdered while my brother was taken hostage with AK-47’s held to his head. Even with this unthinkable tragedy, I cannot support the death penalty. It solves absolutely nothing on either end. Please. End the death penalty in Kentucky. Be a leader in the world.” – Miriam H., Louisville

“The death penalty has always been primarily about money and race, which is what makes it so unfair.” – Eileen C., Princeton

“Democratic governments should get out of the killing business.” – Eric L., Morehead

“It’s cheaper and more humane to get rid of the death penalty. Not to mention the Christian thing to do.” – Nicholas S., Covington

“Please end the death penalty in Kentucky! No one has the right to take another’s life – prison for life is a much better option. Too many mistakes are made and too many innocent people are killed on death row.” – Marie R., Hardinsburgh

“It’s past time to end the death penalty in our state.” – Gloria C., Hawesville

“I am for Life Without Parole for the following reasons: 1) the killing of an innocent person wrongly accused 2) the cost of those on death row 3) it doesn’t give the person the opportunity to repent 4) It’s been shown is doesn’t give peace to the victim’s families 5) there is discrimination in the system (look at Rep. Yont’s son’s case).” – Melinda P., Belton

“Governor: The time has come to end this form of punishment. Life in prison without parole serves the citizens of Kentucky better and allows for a person to try to redeem what is left of their life. I urge you to do what you can to end the death penalty.” – Mark S., Somerset

“Two wrongs do not make a right.” – Lorena W., Frankfort

“A human life is too important to risk because of poor laws and procedures. This needs to be stopped.” – James P., West Liberty

“Please end use of the death penalty in Kentucky.” – Austin M., Hopkinsville

“Man has know right to take the life of another.There are so many people being put to death that are innocent ..Or that people are recanting their stories..As I see it there has to be A reason of doubt ..Unless you were the one doing the killing..Or you were in the room watching it..That’s my reason for signing this petition.”—Linda T., Mount Washington

“I strongly oppose the Death Penalty.It’s time we admit their maybe some people who are put to death that maybe innocent.” – Laura E., Georgetown

“Stop the unfair death penalty. Cannot remember any time a rich white man has been sentenced to death..DO THE RIGHT THING.” – Ed H., Guston

“1) Too many mistakes are made 2) The evidence strongly suggests that executions do no more to discourage murders and other serious crimes than long terms of imprisonment do.” – Bert M., Richmond

“Death penalty appeals cost much more than housing a prisoner for life. Innocent people are murdered in the guise of justice. It is Barbaric, and it need to stop.” – Deb C., Berea

“End The death penalty In Kentucky!!!!!!!!!!!!!” – Tara N., Teaberry

“I don’t feel in my heart that it’s right to take someones life no matter what they done.that’s for God to decide when the time comes. GOD HAS OUR EXPIRATION DATE NOT MAN.” – Mandy P., Central City

“Murder is murder. Whether it ‘s the guilty party or the government doing the killing. The death penalty costs millions more in a single case than housing 10 prisoners for life. It’s Inhumane and reflects badly on our humanitarian ways.” – Barbara S., Bremen

“I’m not against the death penalty; I believe that some people deserve to be put to death for what they’ve done to others. I am, however, against the system that administers the death penalty. The system is faulty. It has been shown repeatedly that the system allows innocent persons to be convicted and sentenced to death row and put to death for crimes for which those innocent persons were later exonerated. The system has been proven not to be competent to administer such a fate to citizens of this Commonwealth. End capital punishment now.” – Thomas H., Versailles

“The death penalty is murder committed by a jury, a judge and an executioner. Life in prison is a just punishment and allows for God’s will to be done.” – Ernie M., Maysville

“The death penalty in KY is too broken. It needs to be abolished. I’m content to pay more taxes to incarcerate convicted murderers for life.” – Philip C., Sand Gap

“With a broken system, it isn’t right to use it when the results end a life. Please end the death penalty in KY forever.” – Dinah D., Villa Hills

“I totally support the end of the death penalty in Kentucky.” – Gena G., Highland Heights

“The death penalty is a huge impediment to the enhancement and advancement of our civilization.” – Edgar R., Edgewood

“Let us end it, now.” – Adam C., Bowling Green

“This the right thing to do, abolish the death penalty now.” – Patricia W., Beaumont

‘There is no evidence that the death penalty is a deterrent to crime.” – Karen D., Bedford

“it’s about freaking time…we need to abolish this outdated form of criminal deterrent.” – Beccie L., Salyersville

“The death does not deter crime. It just could kill an innocent person.If you can change the law and you don,t and an innocent person is killed you are guilty of taking a life and I believe God will hold you accountable.” – Ron S., Franklin

“It has been well documented that the death penalty has done no good for anyone. It only makes the citizens of Kentucky guilty of murder.” – Elaine D., St. Catharine

“I disagree with the death penalty, but I do NOT agree with let ting them out or parole, they should spend life in prison unless DNA or some other reason found for release.” – Cathy B., Parksville

“I have always been troubled by the death penalty for at least 2 reasons: 1) Our judicial system, as good as it is, is not perfect and putting even one innocent person to death seems unacceptable. 2) How can one support the death penalty and the idea that killing is wrong at the same time? The recent ABA report just shows how far from perfect our system can be.” – Mark B., Union

“Killing people is irreversible. This is a no brainer.” – Brandon S., Ashland

“I respectfully seek the end of killing Kentucky state inmates. The chances that innocent people may be executed are too high to risk. Many innocent people have been killed as well as a number of those truly repentant. Let us reduce to zero the death of innocent people in Kentucky prisons.” – Delbert D., Bronson

“It’s time for us to join the rest of the free world and end the barbaric practice of executing people.” – Barbara F., Vine Grove

“Death Penalty Justice does not work or make sense in any state. It does not deter or reduce crime by any stretch of the imagination.” – George W., Rush

“The death penalty is an archaic form of penalty. Since the person cannot survive this penalty , for him or her there is no learning . For others, Death penalties are not real, even if the penalty is applied swiftly. Our legal system is not as much about justice as winning, so no one learns. The public leans vengeance is just. Eye for eye?” – Patricia M.,Campbellsburg

“I know we got one on Ky. death row that don’t belong there.” – Billy B., Grayson

“This is man’s law, and it should be abolished. We don’t have the god given right to take lives, even of those that have taken others lives.” – Carolyn B., London

“We definitely need to repeal the death law. It does not do anything to prevent serious crime. Life without parole and/or education would help much more.” – Mary Jo T., Ft. Thomas

“‘Why do we kill people to show people that killing people is wrong?'” – Sue M., Willisburg

“Never kill someone in the name of my state. EVER” – Landon L., Benton

“Why do we use killing to show that killing is wrong? Doesn’t that seem ironic? Not only is it ironic,but it takes upon us the power of life or death. That seems very wrong, at best.” – Mary E., Glencoe

“Please End the Death Penalty in KY NOW!!!” – Sheriall, Simponsville

“i think the death penalty is unjustice.” – Lee G., Winchester

‘When a loved one is murdered 9 times out of ten the first thing you think you want the person responsible to recieve the death penalty when caught; but think about after you are out of the shock stage and have a clear mind.Is that really what you want? Will taking the life of another bring your loved one back? No Is that person who is being charged really the person responsible for the death? Do they have 100% concrete evidence that this is the one? even if you can answer this with yes do you really want to let this person die or, would rather them sit for years knowing that they had taken a life.” – Amanda M., Ludlow

“Please come into the 21st century and stop the barbaric killing of people–some who are even innocent!” – Bev M., Prospect

“I do not see myself soft on crime but rather someone who anguishes over the mistakes and unknowns in our system.” – Diane G., Paducah

“The death penalty serves no useful purpose. It should be ended.” – Peggy M., Murray

“When executions resumed in Kentucky I felt that my pride as a citizen of the Commonwealth was diminished…” – Ed C., Verona

“I am against the taking of life and support the life imprisonment without parole.” – Virginia K., Campton


“It does not reduce violent crimes.” – George R., Lawreneburg

“It’s barbaric!” – Gail W., Nicholasville

“Time to end this archaic practice. Solitary confinement for life is punishment enough. No TV, no computers, basic nutrition, just books. Quit coddling people who break the law enough that a judge and jury would consider capitol punishment.” – Catt N., Radcliff

“Too many innocent people dying from flawed forensics or police/law pride.” – Becky K., Shepherdsville

“The death penalty is un-Christian, and Christian voters are strongly behind abolition.” – Valerie B., Prestonburg

“*** End this NOW ***” – Richard M., Lerburn

‘If only one person dies as a result of a wrongful decision by a jury it is one too many. To err is human and it will happen. Let’s not take that chance.” – Joan S., Crestview Hills

“Capital punishment was wrong when they did it to Jesus, & it’s still wrong. It’s also more expensive than incarceration.” – Cher E., Utica

“Please take a pro-life stance on the death penalty in Kentucky and abolish this barbaric practice by changing the laws.” – Joan R., Danville

‘It’s time to end the death penalty in Kentucky. Kentucky needs to rise above institutional killing and punish criminals in a civilized manner. Justice is not served through use of the death penalty.” – Roger N. Baxter

“I have been a student in KY for the past 11 years, and was a life-long KY resident until May. The death penalty is barbaric.” – Amber C., Tacoma

“The practice of the death penalty is filled with inequity. Let’s stop pretending it’s fair or even a deterrent to violent crime.” – Jeff S., Winchester

‘The poor who cannot afford a good lawyer are the ones who most often get this. Although there may be a few who deserve this, there are too many flaws and inequities in our system to have something so irrevocable.” – Dorothy P. Wilmore

“There are too many if ands or butts in the justice system. Too many mistakes that could cost innocent people their lives.” – Donna W., Evarts

“We must phase out the barbaric capital punishment.” – Catherine H., Melbourne

““The death penalty can be tolerated only by extreme statist reactionaries who demand a state that is so powerful that it has the right to kill.” ― Noam Chomsky” – Jonathon N., Russellville

“It’s time….” – Mary S., Nazerth

“Until humans are incapable of making mistakes, they shouldn’t be deciding who lives and dies.” – Ramona S., Farmington

“As a psychotherapist, I know that the death penalty does not bring the relief wanted by victims. But it does cost the state a lot of money to keep the death penalty. Quality of life in non-death penalty states includes lower rates of child abuse, due to increased valuing of life, improved rates of prosecution due to lack of fear of death penalties, and other life-valuing improvements. The death penalty is barbaric. I have lost a friend to murder. Killing her killer does not bring her back. Spending tax payers money on trying to kill him insults me. Just lock him up and throw away the key.” – Susan B., Midway

“Agree completely with this. The death peanlty is a too uncertain, unfair and ineffective tool to be used in society. ANY society …” – Steve F., Smiths Grove

“never take away from anyone what you can’t give back.” – Archie C., Wellington

“END THE DEATH PENALTY IN KENTUCKY. Please!” – Peggy P., Mt. Vernon

“Please end the death penalty in KY.” – Jean B., Falls of Rough

“I strongly urge you to end the death penalty! Too flawed!” – Deborah W., Anchorage

“Thou shalt not kill. If you believe that, you cannot support the death penalty.” – Pamela P. Mayfield

“I personally agree with the Kentucky Council of Churches stand to end the use of the death penalty. This immoral practice demeans us all and I don’t want it done in my name.” – Marian T., Shelbyville

“Until the infallibility of human judgment shall have been proved to me, I shall persist in demanding the abolition of the death penalty. – Marquis de Lafayette.”  – Todd M., Auxier

“In addition, I believe life in prison is a harder sentence and also it would create for jobs then the death sentence. It also sends the message that violence is wrong which is what we want, right?” – Dorothy, Lancaster

“You can’t “undo” an execution when the person is later found to be innocent of the crime.” – Edith B., Van Lear


“This is a necessary move to honor the sanctity of human life & to allow the offenders a chance to work toward their reconciliation with society.” – Eileen L. Hagerhill

“Please vote to END the death penalty in Kentucky!” – Mary L., La Garange

“I oppose the death penalty because it isn’t as severe a punishment as “life without hope of parole” — which I favor.” – Don W., Taylor Mill

“In honor of my mother’s lifelong fight to end the death penalty nationwide.” – Leslie B., Corinth

“Die to the high error rate in death penalty cases, we need to stop killing people. Besides, it’s cheaper to keep them in jail for life.” – Jeffrey S., Corbin

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