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House Speaker Greg Stumbo embarrases self, Kentucky with suggestion to reinstate the electric chair

House Speaker Greg Stumbo (D-Floyd) recently commented on the American Bar Association’s damning assessment of Kentucky’s death penalty, and, in the process, reinforced a whole bunch of negative stereotypes about how backwards this state is. Rather than confront the numerous problems with the state’s lethal injection procedure, Stumbo told cn|2 Pure Politics Kentucky should bring back the electric chair.

While it’s obvious why this barbaric form of execution is disappearing, if you want more information, check out the Death Penalty Information Center’s page on death by electrocution.

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  1. Pat says

    Speaker Stumbo clearly misunderstands the law related to lethal injection. He says it was not retroactive, meaning, I suppose, that those already on the row did not have access to lethal injection. It was the opposite. Lethal injection was available to all on the row and, in addition, electrocution was an option for those there before lethal injection became available. Why? To prevent exactly what he worries about, additional appeals. And it succeeded. He is blowing smoke and possibly thinking of the next campaign: a run for Governor.

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