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Watch the Senate Judiciary Committee’s hearing on abolishing Kentucky’s death penalty

Kentucky Sen. Gerald Neal

Kentucky Sen. Gerald Neal

Today at 10 a.m. the Senate Judiciary Committee will spend an hour taking testimony about SB 63, a bill to replace Kentucky’s death penalty with life without parole.

We hope many of our supporters are present in the room, but realize that many of you cannot be there personally. You can still watch the hearing online at KET.

In addition to Sen. Gerald Neal (D-Jefferson County), the bill’s sponsor, speakers include Professor Michael Mannheimer of the Salmon P. Chase Law School who was co-chair of the ABA Kentucky Assessment Team who issued a report last December about the many flaws in Kentucky’s death sentencing process; Professor Jordan Steiker, a law professor in Texas, who co-authored a report on the death penalty in 2009 that led the American Law Institute to withdraw support for the language in the Model Penal Code regarding capital punishment; and Richard Dieter, executive director of the Death Penalty Information Center.

We urge everyone who can to watch this one hour presentation.

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  1. Doug Stern says

    Thanks, KCADP. And, thanks, Senator Neal.

    End the death penalty in Kentucky. Don’t kill for me!

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