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Urgent action needed: call 800-372-7181 and tell Reps. Stumbo and Adkins to bring HCR 173 to a floor vote now

Ask Kentucky Speaker Rep. Greg Stumbo to bring HCR 173 to a floor vote today.

Ask Kentucky Speaker Rep. Greg Stumbo to bring HCR 173 to a floor vote today.

Commonwealth Attorneys are trying to block HCR 173 from a vote on the House floor (they support the death penalty as it allows them to coerce defendants into pleading guilty in exchange for life without parole and not have to risk a trial). Also, certain Democratic House leaders want to put off the vote on this important measure.

Call 800-372-7181 now and leave this message for Speaker Rep. Greg Stumbo (D-Floyd) and Majority Floor Leader Rep. Rocky Adkins (D-Boyd, Elliott, Lawrence, Rowan):

Please bring HCR 173 to the House floor for a vote now. Kentucky’s death penalty system is broken and we need a plan to fix it. If we don’t fix it, we should stop using it. Let the House vote on HCR 173

Please do not put off this call. The message line is open from 7 a.m. until 11 p.m. Call now.

One more favor: after you call, please find two other persons to make a call with this message. Thank you so much.

HCR 173 creates a task force to develop a plan to implement the reforms recommended by the American Bar Association Kentucky team of former KY Supreme Court Judges and other legal experts. Their report described multiple flaws in our system of sentencing persons to death. KCADP supports this measure because we believe the plan will further expose the flaws in the system and what it will cost to insure the innocent are not executed. Ultimately, the reasonable conclusion will be to quit using the death penalty and rely on lengthy prison terms – including life without parole – to punish those who are guilty and leave open the possibility of releasing a person mistakenly convicted.

For more information about the measure, please read our original post on HCR 173.

Photo: Courtesy Legislative Research Commission

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