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Kentucky House approves death penalty task force; now ask your Senator to vote Yes on HCR 173

Ask Kentucky Senate President David Williams to support HCR 173.

Ask Kentucky Senate President David Williams to support HCR 173.

You made a real difference last week! The Kentucky House of Representatives, in a strong bipartisan vote of 73 Yeas and 18 Nays, sent HCR 173 to the Senate for consideration. This legislation creates a Kentucky Death Penalty Reform Implementation Task Force to develop a strategy to implement the reforms recommended by the American Bar Association’s Kentucky Death Penalty Assessment Report.

Your voice is needed one more time. With only a few days left in this session we must move quickly.

TAKE ACTION: Call 800-372-7181 and leave this message for your State Senator, for Sen. Tom Jensen (chair of the Judiciary Committee) and for Sen. David Williams (Senate president):

Please support HCR 173 and set up a group to study the recent ABA Kentucky Death Penalty Assessment Report. If Kentucky is going to keep the death penalty, it must reform the current flaws in this system. HCR 173 passed the House 73-18 with strong bi-partisan support. Please support and vote for HCR 173.

Please do not delay. The message line is open from 7 am. until 11 p.m. Call now.

One more favor: after you call, please find two other persons to make a call with this message. Thank you so much.

From the Lexington Herald-Leader’s Kentucky House approves task force to study death penalty“:

State representatives on Thursday approved setting up a task force to study possible changes in how Kentucky administers the death penalty.

The American Bar Association released a study last year that cited problems in the system, including a lack of protections against executing seriously mentally ill people; no rule to preserve evidence for as long as someone is in prison, meaning they might miss a chance for DNA tests that could exonerate them; and confusion among jurors about their role in deciding whether to recommend a death sentence.

The task force will study recommendations to implement some of the ABA’s findings, said the sponsor, Rep. Jesse Crenshaw, D-Lexington.

The move is not designed to abolish the death penalty, Crenshaw said. The measure passed 73 to 18. It must be approved by the Senate as well.

Photo: Courtesy Legislative Research Commission

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