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We have lost a dear friend: Former State Rep. Al Bennett

Al Bennett, who represented Jefferson County’s 29th District in the Kentucky General Assembly in the 1970s and ’80s, was a retired electrician. Click on photo to read the Courier-Journal story about Bennett.

Former State Rep. Al Bennett, a staunch opponent of the use of the death penalty in Kentucky, died on June 15.

Many years ago, Bennett told KCADP how deeply he regretted his 1976 vote to re-instate the use of the death penalty in Kentucky. He worked diligently since then to see the measure repealed.

In addition he became a regular financial contributor to KCADP. And he also contributed his time. He was one of several witnesses who testified before the members of the interim Health and Welfare Committee about repealing the death penalty. There he recounted his past vote and urged lawmakers correct his mistake.

Bennett also offered his thoughts on the death penalty in our video series of Kentuckians reflecting on the need to change this public policy of killing inmates.

One viewer, who saw this at our YouTube Channel, said it well:

Thank you so much for sharing your story of how you came to see the DP for how it really is. Thank you also for your encouragement so that others may speak out with their support of the KCADP or perhaps just to at least re-think the issue regarding a system that cannot be fixed, I agree with you 100 percent and I know many people “on the fence” about the DP so I am sending your video on to them, since you share how you changed your position. God bless you and thanks again, so much!

Indeed! We need more Al Bennetts, people who will be open to changing their minds and then speaking out. Consider honoring Bennett by placing a link to his video in your Facebook page and Tweeting it to your followers. Urge them to become new and paid members of KCADP.

Photo: Louisville Courier-Journal

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