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Kentucky intent on killing inmates

Kentucky responded to a court decision by filing a new regulation today to allow the use of one drug to kill inmates sentenced to death. By law there must be a time for the pubic to comment on the regulations and a hearing date of September 25 has been set for that hearing. In addition to naming two drugs already in use by various states, Kentucky added two more drugs to the protocol. A story filed by the Associated Press explains more about these:

The new regulations also allow the state to use two drugs — the anti-seizure medication midazolam, better known as Versed, and hydromorphone, an analgesic known commonly as Dilaudad — if the chemicals used in a single-drug execution are not available seven days before a scheduled injection. Prison officials will have to notify the inmate a week before the execution which method will be used.

Patrick Delahanty, chair of KCADP, said that the filing of the regulation was no surprise, but that it is disturbing “that Kentucky wants to gear up it killing machine while the majority of Kentuckians prefer lengthy prison sentences and other states are abandoning the practice of execution.”

“The Coalition,” he said, “will continue to press for repeal of the death penalty, the only permanent solution for a system so broken.”

To read the text of the regulation filed today, click here: 501 KAR 16-290, 501 KAR 16-310, and 501 KAR 16-330.

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