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Fr. Dick Sullivan Fundraiser Nets More Than $1,600.00

A crowd, not quite the size of the one pictured, gathered in the St. Michael Parish Community Center in Jeffersontown on August 11 for some great barbecue and a chance to learn more about how to help Kentucky repeal the death penalty.

At the invitation of Fr. Dick Sullivan, a long time supporter and classmate and friend of former death row inmate Frank Tamme, 50 parishioners and others contributed more than $1,600 to KCADP.

Fr. Pat Delahanty shared information about the make-up of KCADP and about the need for funding to maintain the office, pay staff, and continue to build the organization.

He introduced the new brochures featuring the findings of the American Bar Association’s Kentucky Assessment Team of legal scholars. He invited everyone to fill out the form to become members and begin receiving our eNews. Eighteen of those present joined up before leaving.

Donors of $100 or more will each receive a copy of this beautiful plaque with a text by Wendell Berry. It is ready to mount in a favorite location.

Kenyon Meyer, who represented Frank Tamme at Fr. Sullivan’s request, detailed how flawed our court system can be at times simply because judges, prosecutors, defense attorneys and others are human beings who make mistakes.

In the case of Larry Osborne, acquitted in a second trial and released from death row, Kenyon told the story about the judge ordering the jurors, in violation of their free speech rights, never to talk about their deliberations. As counsel for the Kentucky Press Association he took a U. S. Supreme Court case that was directly on point and challenged the judge to reverse his order. In response, the judge asked to see any Kentucky law on that point. Laughter filled the room.

We invite you to contact Kaye Gallagher in our office for help in hosting a fundraiser and education event in your home or where you pray.

And we thank Fr. Sullivan and all those who helped him put together a very successful evening.

Photo: St. Michael Parish website

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