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Moving photo shows son, a new victim, saying goodbye to his just-executed father, Cleve Foster, from Kentucky

While the picture isn’t explicit, it does show the recently deceased, so we won’t post it here. But the Texas Death Penalty blog published a photo Tuesday showing Michael Foster saying goodbye to his just-executed father, Cleve Foster. Michael, and the other family members and friends shown—including Cleve’s infant grandson, Yuri, who’s pictured—are the latest innocent victims of needless violence.

Texas executed the elder Foster, a native of Henderson County, Ky., and a U.S. Army veteran by lethal injection for participating in the shooting death of Nyaneur Pal. For details on the case, please read this post by another innocent victim, Foster’s friend, Gloria Rubac.

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  1. Jeffrey Everson says

    Clearly the death penalty has no place in a civilized society. Even if only one person is wrongly executed, that is one too many.

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