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No one’s life should be in the hands of Louisville Judge Martin McDonald

An Oct. 5, 2012  Courier-Journal editorial responding to an article that appeared the day before declares that Judge Martin McDonald ought to “crawl off the bench” and, if he doesn’t, the Judicial Conduct Commission should hasten his departure. Here is some of what the editor wrote:

In one case, he threatened — on the record, in the courtroom — to “strangle” a public defender in a death penalty case for daring to telephone him about a scheduling conflict. Judge McDonald also disparaged the case of defense lawyer David Barron as “a huge waste of time” and referred to Mr. Barron’s client, Roger Dale Epperson, as a “carcass.”

“Bring his carcass out here,” Judge McDonald said to a bailiff, directing him to bring the defendant to the courtroom.

Read the entire story at “Judge threatens to ‘strangle’ attorney in ‘ridiculous’ case.”

Also see this earlier post: Louisville Judge Martin McDonald rules Kentucky man with IQ of 61 eligible for the death penalty.

No one’s life should be in the hands of Judge Martin McDonald.

Photo: Courtesy Courier-Journal

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