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Attorneys File Challenge to New Protocol in Franklin Circuit Court

Attorneys for Ralph Baze, Robert Foley, Thomas C. Bowling, Parramore Sanborn, Gregory Wilson, and Brian Keith Moore are asking the Court to reopen their case and litigate the constitutionality of the use of drugs purchased for executions in foreign markets. This issue is not resolved by the new protocol language and if the court should declare it is unconstitutional to use these drugs, lawyers for these inmates argue that there is no true one-drug protocol in place.

In a related matter, Gregory Wilson awaits a hearing on his claim regarding DNA evidence testing, which is now pending before the Kenton Circuit Court.  His mental retardation claim has been withdrawn.

Read these filings here: Pleading regarding foreign sodium thiopental; Motion not to dismiss claim of constitutionality of using foreign drugs; Notice of withdrawal.

Problems with implementing the death penalty plague the system and cause the finality associated with trial and sentencing a complete farce undermining our justice system, re-victimizing the survivors of murder victims and using millions in tax dollars to pay for another failed government program. Call 1 800 372 7181 and ask legislators to take up HB 48 and SB 45 to repeal the death penalty.

Photo: courtesy Kentucky Department of Corrections

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