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Interesting things happen when the bread of life comes to death row

The March issue of U.S. Catholic has published an excellent and moving article by KCADP Board Member Mark Meade. In the article he reflects on his visit to death row and the celebration of a Catholic Mass with many of those condemned to death in Kentucky.

“Peace be with you.” The hand extended at the sign of peace, the hand I grasp, may have also killed. Masses celebrated with men from Kentucky’s death row are among the most powerful experiences I have had, not only as a death penalty abolitionist but as a Catholic. Two or three times a year Sister Dorothy Schuette, a Benedictine and chair of Religious Communities Against the Death Penalty, obtains permission to bring a small group, including several of her fellow sisters, into the Kentucky State Penitentiary in Eddyville for Mass with men facing state execution. Click here to read the rest of Mark’s article.

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