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Kentucky Senate Judiciary Chair Discusses Death Penalty

Sen. Westerfield

In a recent Pure Politics interview with reporter Ryan Alessi, State Sen. Whitney Westerfield speaks about the death penalty. Like many Kentuckians he appears troubled by its use. Early in the four and a half minute segment he reflects:

With regard to how Whitney Westerfield feels about it, I’m just not sure.

After further discussion about the flaws in the system that a Kentucky Death Penalty Assessment team of prominent legal scholars reported on in December, 2011, and about a request from State Sen. Robin Webb for a hearing on her bill that seeks to fix some of these egregious flaws, Sen. Westerfield added that he is

…not sure if I’m ready to eliminate it.

In keeping with recent trends away from the use of the death penalty, e.g., its elimination by Maryland last month, this conversation did not have the harsh overtones of many in the past. Kentuckians are ready for repeal and KCADP is hopeful lawmakers will catch up with their thinking.

Senator Westerfield-R represents the 3rd State Senatorial district comprising Christian, Logan and Todd Counties. The death penalty discusson begins at 2:24 minutes into the program.


Photo: Courtesy Kentucky Legislative Research Commission
Video: CommonwealthNetwork2 YouTube channel 


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