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Lawmakers mailed booklet of reflections by family members of murder victims

FINAL ART-Murder Victim Booklet CoverIn 2011, we printed a post about a University of Louisville study by Professors Thomas Mowen and Ryan Schroeder that found a rise in opposition to the death penalty among the family members of murder victims.

We are thrilled to announce the publication of No need to kill, a booklet featuring reflections by nine persons who lost loved ones to murder. What they say here puts flesh and blood to the findings of the study cited above.

Last week No need to kill was mailed to each of Kentucky’s 138 legislators so they can read about real family members and their experiences of loss. Their stories make clear they want justice; they want violent offenders held accountable and severely punished.

But they do not want them executed.

One of them, Eugene Thomas, describes why in this news story.

The Coalition now has three board members who lost loved ones to murder: Ben Griffith, Ray Schweri, and Maria Hines. They speak an important message for policy makers who have accepted as truth the myth that family members of murder victims need the death penalty.

 No need to kill points us in a different direction:  “People tend to think that the family members of a murder victim want revenge. The following stories tell otherwise.”

We encourage readers to download and share these reflections with others.

Cover: Jennifer Jenkins

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