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A Win Win Win Opportunity

Three opportunities are now available to KCADP supporters to help themselves, help others and help build the Coalition. Click on ‘Continued’ to see other ways to help.

flea offOn the first weekend of December, our outreach coordinator, Shekinah Lavalle, is organizing a “yardsale” fundraiser at Flea Off Market in Louisville.  Flea Off Market is a locally run community flea market that is held in the parking lot of Fresh Start Grower’s Supply between Jefferson and Market Streets on Baxter Ave.  The Flea Off Market takes place the first weekend of every month.

If you are normal, you probably have something laying around your home that could be put to better use in someone else’s home. Shekinah wants to help you do that. Please call her at 502.636.1330 or email her if you’d like to donate items we can sell on the first weekend of December at the Flea Off Market. You win, the buyer wins, KCADP wins.

volunteerAnother way to have some fun is to help us out with some phone banking. This December, KCADP celebrates our 25th year of working to end the death penalty in Kentucky.  In order to raise funds for a strong push toward abolition in our state, we will be phone banking.  These calls will remind supporters of upcoming events and ask them to commit to supporting our work over the next year.

Before you panic and say, “Oh, I could never do that,” know that you are in good hands with Shekinah who will train folks first and provide them with a great set of talking points.

You don’t need to live in Louisville to do this. You just need a phone. Call Shekinah at 502.636.1330 or email her.


just creations logo

Once again, Just Creations is offering KCADP supporters a chance to help us financially, as well as find some wonderful gifts for others. And to top it all off, these gift purchases help artisans throughout the developing world earn a fair and sustainable income. This is really a WIN WIN WIN opportunity.

KCADP benefits on December 12 by receiving 15% of the proceeds earned between 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. So if you live in Louisville or if you just want to come down and spend some time here, please dash out to Just Creations at 2722 Frankfort Avenue on December 12 and help us by helping others.

Green LogoAs a member of the Fair Trade Federation, Just Creations is committed to promoting the social and economic progress of people in the developing regions of the world, including Asia, Africa, and Latin America. Just Creations purchases exclusively from Fair Trade Organizations such as Ten Thousand Villages, SERRV, and Equal Exchange. These groups work directly with artisans and farmers to ensure that Fair Trade principles are practiced.

Graphics: Just Creations website, Farber for Council website
Photo: Flea Off Market Facebook Page

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