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Execution Ban Continues


Anyone thirsting for an execution in Kentucky will have to wait. Franklin Circuit Court Judge Phillip Shepherd issued a ruling this week that there are still unresolved issues in a lawsuit brought in 2006 by several death row inmates. Until these are resolved executions are on hold.

This continued delay highlights how ineffective it is to promise citizens, especially victim family members, justice in a system flawed by the use of the death penalty. For more on this story click here.  To read what Judge Shepherd has written click here and here.

For more information read about the concerns expressed by the American Bar Association’s team of Kentucky legal experts and judges who spent two years studying Kentucky’s death sentencing process: 60 Percent of Kentucky Death Sentences Overturned.

It’s time for lawmakers to quit offering a hollow promise of justice in Kentucky. To help accomplish this, please contact your state legislators and consider becoming a generous, financial supporter of the Coalition.


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