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Treat Yourself! and Feel Good


Anonymous Bosch

You feel good when you give to others. And here’s a way to feel twice as good.

Anonymous Bosch, a long-time supporter of the Coalition, is challenging other supporters to feel good and contribute to KCADP so together we can end the death penalty in Kentucky. Anonymous will match your gifts dollar for dollar up to a max of $4,000.

Here’s the catch.

Anonymous wants that donation between Nov. 1 and Dec. 31. So if you and others collectively contribute $4,000 between Nov. 1 and Dec. 31, Anonymous will fork over an additional $4,000 and KCADP will have $8,000 to use to pay salaries, educate the public through our website, Facebook page, Twitter feed and eNewsletter, and continue growing our list of supporters. (More than 400 new supporters have signed on since August.)

It will also help pay for a new service that matches supporters with their legislators and makes it easy to let lawmakers in Kentucky know it is time to stop the killing. We offer a commonsense, alternative punishment for those who kill: life without parole. This sentence punishes severely, protects us from violent killers and, when someone is wrongfully convicted and imprisoned, that person can be released. This eliminates the risk of executing innocent persons.

So, remember this. You always feel good when you give to others. TREAT YOURSELF! Support the #KYRepeal campaign with a donation between Nov. 1 and Dec. 31 and feel twice as good. No need for a pen and checkbook. Use our secure PayPal account to make that contribution on Nov 1 and before Dec. 31: Or mail your check to KCADP, PO BOX 3092, Louisville KY 40201.

As the chair of this Coalition I want you to know I don’t ask others to do what I haven’t already done. Last week, I gave shares of stock to KCADP and it netted $4,895 for the Coalition. I really felt good about that.

So, consider your own financial situation and TREAT YOURSELF! by making as generous a gift as you can – but wait until Nov. 1 to do it. KCADP needs that additional $4,000 that your gift will help generate.

On behalf of all the Board members, thank you for your help.

Photo: Courtesy of Riverbirch Productions, Patrick Delahanty

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