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Neal, Floyd introduce abolition bills first day of session

Sen. Neal and Rep. Floyd testify on death penalty in Aug 2014

Bills to abolish the death penalty were introduced in both chambers of the Kentucky General Assembly on its opening day. Sen. Gerald Neal, a Democrat from Jefferson County, introduced SB 15; Rep. David Floyd, a Republican from Nelson County, introduced HB 82. Both legislators have filed similar bills in past sessions. To read the summary of the legislation and be linked to the entire text, click on the bill numbers: SB 15 and HB 82. KCADP expects both bills to be assigned to the Judiciary Committee in their respective chamber.

Also filed in each chamber by these same legislators were concurrent resolutions calling for a study of the costs of the death penalty in Kentucky. Click on the links to read the resolutions: SCR 11  and HCR 30. It is expected that both these resolutions will be assigned to the Judiciary Committee of their respective chamber.

Constituents contacting their Senators and Representatives can use these bill and resolution numbers to encourage their support for the measures. Lawmakers face a lot of issues and if they aren’t hearing about them, they conclude constituents aren’t interested. Advocacy for changing public policies is very important and legislators do pay attention to constituents who take the time to let them know what issues they consider important.

As KCADP writes about the session, readers will see two important hashtags – #KYGA15, to identify the legislative session we are in; and #KYRepeal, to mark the campaign we are conducting calling for support for legislation to repeal the death penalty and in its place keep life without parole. You will also see hashtags for the bills and resolutions: #SB15, #HB82, #SCR11 and #HCR30. Soon the website will have a set of documents and fact sheets constituents can download to use when contacting legislators. Remember, you can call toll free to 1.800.372.7181 and leave messages for your legislators about bills and to ask them to contact you to discuss your concerns.

At the top of the page on which you are reading this, is the Action Center link that allows you to send messages to those who represent you and to sign up for action alerts and information from the Coalition. We will have staff in Frankfort every Wednesday of February. If you can come up and pay your legislator a visit on a Wednesday or another day, please contact Shekinah by clicking on her name here or calling 502.636.1330.

Photo: courtesy Riverbirch Productions


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