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Herald-Leader praises Judge Goodwine in editorial

Judge Goodwine

After reporting last week about the decision Judge Pamela Goodwine made when she granted a defense motion to remove the death penalty as a possible punishment in an upcoming trial, the Lexington Herald-Leader has now praised the judge in an editorial on Mother’s Day.

Noting that Judge Goodwine is a murder victim family member, the editor wrote,

Congratulations to Circuit Judge Pamela Goodwine on striking a blow for common sense and conserving public resources….

Her carefully written order noted that the facts of the case — a single murder related to a dispute over drugs and money — “are not unique.” But, she writes, “not one time in this Commonwealth has a death sentence been recommended by a jury and upheld on appeal in a case involving actual or suspected drug trafficking.”

The editor asked,  “Why expend resources and inconvenience prospective jurors, their families and employers when it’s obvious a death verdict will never be returned?” So had Judge Goodwine. She did, indeed, strike a blow for common sense.

This Coalition believes it is time for lawmakers to recognize how broken this death sentencing scheme is in Kentucky and give further consideration to doing away with it entirely. Life without parole is the cost effective, severe punishment that can protect us and satisfy the need for justice.

Photo: Kentucky Progress Blogspot

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