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Victims’ family members issue challenge grant

benIn what KCADP believes is a first-of-a-kind event, a group of death penalty repeal supporters, all of whom lost loved ones to murder, are challenging the rest of us to match a pledge $1640.

Ben Griffith, our Board secretary and a murder victim family member survivor, has written a letter which has been sent to more than 2000 abolition supporters. He writes:

To show how strongly we oppose the use of the death penalty in Kentucky, I and several others – Patricia Griffith, Ray Schweri, Maria Hines, Sellus Wilder, Ruth Lowe, Joyce Frazier and Reba Rye – are opening our wallets to challenge other KCADP supporters to match our gift to the coalition of $1640. We are pledging to match up to $1640 to support the work of the coalition. Each $1 the coalition receives as a result of this letter will be matched with a $1 from us, up to $1640. By giving now, you can double the value of your gift up to $1640.

Ben also wrote that

As the surviving family members of murder victims and as Kentuckians, we want to send a message that not only will we not stand by as human beings are murdered by the state in our name, but we will commit our money and time to getting the death penalty repealed.”

None of us can afford to stand by and not act as the state continues to kill in our names. Please consider a generous donation in response to this challenge from some friends of ours who know the painful loss of loved ones to murder. They are shining models for us and KCADP is honored to work together with them.

You can also help by sharing this post on your own Facebook page and by visiting our Facebook page and sharing the announcement about this challenge that you will find there. Click on the photo of Ben at the top of the page to see a video he made urging supporters to contribute. You can share that video from our YouTube channel.

Click here to read the entire letter from Ben.


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