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We wish Shekinah our best

Shekinah Lavalle

Shekinah Lavalle

Over the past three years many of you reading this and hundreds of others in Kentucky have had the opportunity to work with Shekinah LaValle, Outreach Coordinator for the Coalition. She is moving on to new challenges and, as she does, KCADP thanks her for the past three years given to our work.

No one ever gets credit for all he or she does, because often that which leads to a dramatic success is the result of a whole lot of boring, grunge work that led to that success. Shekinah has organized volunteers for tabling events like the State Fair, scheduled many meetings with legislators and their constituents, as well as victim family members and wrongfully convicted Kentuckians. These meetings have led to a change of heart and mind on the part of several legislators. Shekinah has pushed the ball downfield as we are about to score the winning touchdown and abolish the death penalty in Kentucky. She will continue to volunteer for KCADP as she pursues her next life adventure.

Thank you Shekinah, we wish you the brightest future with great success in pursuing your goals and advocating for those whose voices are often not heard.

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