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Champion & Invest in KCADP

Tulio Tourinho-“Now is the time to champion and invest in KCADP,” writes Tulio Tourinho, a staunch KCADP supporter and officer with the Louisville Metro Police Department.

As a person sworn to uphold the law and protect the public, Officer Tourinho believes in respecting human life.

As an active duty police officer I am guided by my moral belief that human life is sacred and ultimately it is my responsibility to protect and serve that life. I believe that this extends to all life and that it doesn’t matter how “deserving” we believe someone is. Regardless of what someone has been convicted of, I believe it is wrong to kill even to demonstrate that killing is wrong. This is why I oppose the death penalty and believe that it should be repealed.

He then added,

In addition to my moral opposition to killing others, this system we use is incredibly expensive and consumes resources that could be better spent in ways that really make us safer. In Kentucky 60% of the cases that resulted in a death sentence were overturned by the courts. Faulty eyewitness evidence, prosecutorial misconduct, police mistakes, unprepared defense attorneys were some of the reasons these defendants were denied fair trials. We can and must do better.

He knows our need for money. KCADP has made great strides toward abolition, and recent polling data verify the progress we have made. Funding is still necessary to continue public education about how flawed the death penalty system is in this state. We also need money to pay for the cost of maintaining our presence on the internet through this website and our social media tools. We are also contracting with  individuals to bring our message to conservatives and evangelicals.

Champions like Officer Tourinho INVEST in a future that saves lives and restores credibility to Kentucky’s justice system. As he said in closing his letter,

Through your previous support we have built a tremendous foundation for success. It is through continued support we increase our opportunities to find Kentuckians who will help us pass a bill repealing the death penalty….

I sincerely thank you for considering my request and appreciate your joining me in this fight for justice.

Join Officer Tourinho in becoming a champion and invest in KCADP with a contribution mailed to KCADP, PO BOX 3092, Louisville KY, 40201. Or use the secure PayPal account by clicking on the DONATE button in the column to the right.


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