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Ray Krone to visit Kentucky; tell of his ordeal as an innocent man on death row


We know everyone reading this post is troubled by the fact that because we have the means to sentence someone to death, we will certainly end up sentencing the wrong person, a person who is innocent. Because this troubles you, and it should, don’t wait; pick up your phone and call the number above and let your Kentucky state lawmakers know it is time to abolish the death penalty in Kentucky before we sentence another innocent defendant to death, as we did in the case of Larry Osborne.

Ray Krone

We are happy to present another WITNESS TO INNOCENCE tour, bringing to Kentucky one of the 159 defendants exonerated since the death penalty became law again in 1976. We are thankful that one of our prime partners, the ACLU of Kentucky, funds and organizes these events.

This time we welcome Ray Krone. Ray has visited before and his story is amazing: suffering abuse by the state of Arizona and spending three years on death row, seven more in prison before finally being released because he was the wrong man. Fortunately, the right man is still in prison after copping a plea and not getting the death penalty.

Here’s where you can go to hear Ray tell his story and learn more about why we need to end the death penalty in Kentucky.

PIKEVILLE – 7:00 p.m., Tuesday, Sep 26 – in the Chrisman Auditorium of the Armington Learning Center

LONDON – 11:00 a.m., Wednesday, Sep 27 – North London Campus of the Somerset Community and Technical College, 100 University Drive, Health Science Building, Room 113

GRAYSON – 6:30 p.m., Thursday, Sep 28 – at the public library, 116 W. Main St.

We promise you an exhilarating hour or two listening to Ray and engaging in conversation. Grab a friend or two, or even a state legislator, and come out for this event.

And don’t forget, let your Kentucky lawmakers know, it is time to abolish the death penalty to be sure we don’t ever sentence another innocent person to death in Kentucky.


Photo: Pat Delahanty

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